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Louis Comfort Tiffany (Tiffany Studios) Red Favrile Glass Vase

Antique-hunter.com is an independent antique dealer.

A professional antique dealer for more than two decades, antique-hunter.com has built a reputation of honesty and integrity, which as anyone who is part of the antique community knows, is saying a lot. But what makes antique-hunter.com even more unique is that he has earned that reputation while at the same time building significant personal collections of Louis Comfort Tiffany favrile desk lamps and vases, George Hunzinger furniture, Mintons and Royal Crown Derby porcelain, and accessories.  

For more than four decades antique-hunter.com has met and befriended many antique dealers throughout the United States.  

Minton Archive SD 1795/MS1701, 2

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Minton Archive SD 1795/MS1701, 2


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My grandmother and great-grandmother introduced me to Louis Comfort Tiffany and antiques as a child by taking me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.  As a college student, I visited the many Louis Comfort Tiffany exhibits in Florida.  Throughout my life, I have visited many Louis Comfort Tiffany museums and exhibitions across the United States.  Virginia was a favorite for  Louis Comfort Tiffany favrile glass windows and vases.  The Virginia Museum of Fine Art's Louis Comfort Tiffany exhibition was excellent.  The Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington, U.K., was also excellent.    

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