back to homepageHomepage.htmlHomepage.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0 specializes in buying and selling authentic 19th and 20th century George Hunzinger furniture, Louis Comfort Tiffany (Tiffany Studios) art glass and lighting, Derby Crown Porcelain Company, Royal Crown Derby, Minton porcelain, and accessories. is an independent antique dealer.

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Except for Cathrineholm, prices are not listed.  Please email for an items price.  Inquiries should be emailed to  All orders will be confirmed by email with a price, description, and condition report.

Shipping Information handles the packing, shipping, and insurance.  Insurance is required on all shipped items. has shipped to Australia, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom and United States.

Payment Options accepts personal checks and credit cards through paypal,

Guarantee and Returns guarantees the age, authenticity, and condition of merchandise as described on the web site & in writing.  Refunds are issued for returned merchandise (minus shipping and insurance, if applicable) when returned merchandise has been received in the same condition as sent.  Buyer must notify within seven days of receipt of merchandise of intent to return merchandise.



Louis C. Tiffany #416 counterbalance desk lamp with 7” iridescent etruscan favrile glass shade

Specializing in buying & selling
Authentic 19th & 20th Century 
George Hunzinger furniture, Louis Comfort Tiffany (Tiffany Studios) art glass and lighting, Derby Crown Porcelain Company, Royal Crown Derby, and Minton porcelain and vintage accessories.Homepage.htmlHomepage.htmlHomepage.htmlHomepage.htmlHomepage.htmlHomepage.htmlHomepage.htmlHomepage.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3shapeimage_2_link_4shapeimage_2_link_5shapeimage_2_link_6
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